Preggo Diaries – 25 weeks

Thanks so much to PinkBlush for this collaboration. All opinions are my own.

The school year has started, and we are trying so hard to get back into our routines! I’m at a new school in my old district – much closer to everything – including Lila’s (soon to be kids’) daycare, and home!

Working on: Getting the hang of my new campus! I have many of the same librarian duties, but the schedule is different, as are the expectations, etc. I’ve never had a morning duty, but it’s pretty awesome because it allows me to leave earlier – which is perfect for picking up Lila from daycare – something I’ve only done once or twice because of how far away I was previously.

Blog/influencer-wise I have a couple campaigns in the works. Thanks to everyone who is always so supportive. It’s sort of like an additional (part-time) job in that it takes a few hours per contract. The extra work that will come in handy with two more kiddos to take care of. 🙂

Anticipating: Um, I think I will be in a 3 month state of anticipation until these babies are born. Along with that, students will begin visiting the library next week and I’m anxious about it. They do things a little differently and the classes sizes are much bigger. Fortunately most kids love going to the library – whether it’s for the reading material, break from class, or other activities.

pinkblush maternity clothing

Wearing: I can still get away with most of my t-shirts these days, but they are slowly but surely riding up on my belly. It’s especially funny when I’m working out and my shirt ends up above my belly button (thank goodness for my maternity work out shorts covering my belly).

It’s currently way too hot in Houston for my PinkBlush mustard top, but I ordered it for the fall weather that should hit a few weeks before the babies are born – and after. It’s one of their versatile pieces that is under maternity clothes as well as women’s clothing.

pinkblush maternity clothing

The PinkBlush maternity skirt works in any weather, but the color screams fall, which is why I chose it. I miss denim skirts! Shop the outfit below – I added the purse I also wore in my Instagram post with one of my aforementioned t-shirts that won’t fit soon. 🙂

I am also really excited to have found Incoco nail polish stickers for under $5. I got them on while Lila napped and had another 30 minutes to spare. In the past I ordered them online for $10 or so, and they’ve lasted between 1 and 2 weeks. Ya boiii!

Listening to: Lila and I have been obsessed with the Tangled soundtrack since our trip to Little Cayman. The music is fun, but oh man does it get stuck in your head. After discovering that Zachary Levi (Shazam) is the voice of Flynn Rider I love it even more.

And I’m just always listening to audio books. 🙂

25 weeks pregnant - twins in the third trimester

Eating: Since my OBGYN told me to cut back on carbs and sugar, I have half listened to her requests. 🙂 I really have been making more of an effort to eat less bread, etc, but I’m worried about my glucose test on Friday because sugar has been my bff this pregnancy. OOPS. More on that under pregnancy.

I haven’t cooked much at all, but Daniel and my Mom primarily keep our bellies full. <3

Reading: I recently read The Bookshop on the Corner and it was surprisingly adorable! And of course it’s about a librarian, so that’s cool. 😛

The Bookshop on the Corner is a tad different, but also a nice listen/read.

I’m also reading Empire of Storms from the Throne of Glass series by Sarah Maas. Once I finish that one, I have the last book in the series, Tower of Dawn, and then Hard Eight by Janet Evanovich that my old book club got me into. My last trip to the library was pretty sweet.

Watching: My guilty pleasure! Below Deck Mediterranean continues to be the only thing I watch. I’ve also learned a lot more about dinosaurs thanks to Lila’s obsession with Dino Dana. LOL

incoco coconut nail polish stickers

Motherhood: Since getting back into the flow of school and daycare, Lila’s tantrums have significantly lessened. I also wonder if they were brought on by too much time with grown ups and not enough time with kiddos. I read somewhere that just like grown ups get tired of hanging out with kids all day, kids get tired of hanging out with grown ups. Who knows. She is also just in that “threenager” stage of drama and emotions.

Other than those moments, Lila’s been really sweet. She apologizes to us on her own sometimes – for something she did earlier in the evening. As usual, she says the darnedest things and we are always cracking up.

Lila’s current favorite things: swim class, singing, dancing, dinosaurs, dresses, writing practice, her “letter game” (AKA Homer Reading App) and…nail chewing

Her appetite has waned, which is odd, but makes her seem taller since she’s slimmed down. She’d just rather run around and play, and it’s been hard to keep her at the table. Daniel is working on “may I be excused.”

Pregnancy: I had the most frustrating appointment today. Let me clarify some things before I continue. I have my usual OBGYN who I have been seeing monthly. She recommended I also see a high risk doctor every few weeks because of the high risk nature of twins. I had my first appointment with the high risk doc last month, but because of my work schedule, I visited a different doctor within the same practice today. He was not as chill. :-O

Baby A was 110% fine (measuring a week ahead) and Baby B is measuring a day behind schedule. BUT he couldn’t get a very good view of Baby B because of how he was positioned (same issue last month, too). So the data might be off.

Baby B has more fluid surrounding him, which the doctor says could be due to my glucose levels (that is my next appointment). He also couldn’t see his stomach to see if he is eating, which could be an issue with swallowing. I am just hoping and hoping that Baby B’s awkward positioning mostly attributed to the concern.

Both babies move around daily, and I mostly feel fine. Sometimes they’ll hover over my crotch, which makes walking uncomfortable, but most days are good. I’m just trying to drink plenty of water and prevent my ankles/legs from swelling. I’m continuing to work out until I am told to stop, or I am so big I just can’t – ha! But everything is super modified. My coaches even put the weights I am lifting on a box so I don’t bend all the way down. 🙂

25 weeks pregnant - twins in the third trimester

P.S. I don’t think I’ve publicly announced the boys’ names yet: Alaric and Sebastian. xoxo



  1. Whoa, those ultrasound pics are detailed!! Love reading as always ♥️

    • Thank you! And yes, I was surprised! We never got one like that for Lila. Maybe he felt bad for freaking me out. Haha

  2. Always enjoy a life-update 🙂 makes up for lost time ? Will you include how y’all picked the names in a future post?

    • Haha! I just replied to a comment about that. I can totally mention it later. Middle names are family names.

    • Honestly a name list! And then when I saw Alaric I remembered how much I loved it on TVD, and Daniel loves the never ending story so he loved Sebastian, too.

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