Christmas time away – currentlies


Working on: I just finished my third semester of graduate school! And that includes finishing my hardest class yet. I just need to get my final grade back. Fingers crossed!

Other than that, I am working on getting the last few items purchased from my Christmas list.

Anticipating: Guess who is going to Montana this month! We are! Including marshmallow Lila!Ā  First we see our family in Miami, which I am always excited for. šŸ™‚

I’m also looking forward to moving back home. Hopefully after our holiday trip. The goal has gone from Halloween, to Thanksgiving, to Christmas, to my birthday. But really, this time it has to be January. The drywall has been done for a while, but we are getting some remodeling done so thatĀ maybeĀ sometime in the future we can move.

I was pretty bummed thinking about how I wouldn’t be decorating our tree with Lila Sophia, but we went on a hunt for a little tree and some simple decorations and scored in both regards at our local H-E-B. Lila had fun wandering around the taller trees briefly, too. At least she’s too young to remember any traditions.



Wearing: Y’all, I fell off the wagon big time!! Most of my clothes is super tight again. BUT I started running again and have been doing some lifting at home. Outside of the Lularoe outfits I have for work, I have been wearing LOFT and PinkBlush mostly. It’s finally cold enough that Daniel went hunting for some of my winter clothes amongst the dust covered bins and boxes at our house.

Listening to: Books on tape! My commute is about 30 minutes each way and listening to books has been super helpful. Now I just need to find some items from my own library at work. šŸ™‚



Eating: My mom’s yummy cooking! Panera Bread and PF Change’s are my current favorite local restaurants, though. I’ve been attempting to stop snacking so much at work, but during the holidays…that’s hard!

Reading: Most of my reading has been books on tape, as previously mentioned. ButĀ  a couple have been IRL in my hands, books. šŸ™‚

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F@#$Ā – Finished! Very insightful! Vulgar, but insightful.

Wishtree – sweet upper elem/lower middle school book that caught my attention within the first giant book order. Quick read, very cute.

Three Wishes – I really like this author. šŸ™‚

Currently I’m finishing up Year of No Clutter



Watching:Ā Finally watched Stranger Things 2 and it was amazing. I love that entire cast! Daniel and I also watched The Punisher, which was super bloody, but also really good.

My parents have cable so I’ve been enjoying some Doctor Who, Sex and the City, and other random shows, too.


Motherhood:Ā Lila is a trip! Her latest “trick” is making a fish face. She hears certain words and immediately reacts, whether we are trying to get her to do something or not. IĀ loooove that she says “hi.” It’s the cutest thing ever! And she calls all food “nana” – probably because of banana.

She’s been mimicking like crazy. Daniel’s mom taught her the hand sign for “more” and she does it constantly now – yay carbs! I’ve been having to get on her case when she tries to slap my face. In case you thought she was super perfect. Close! But not quite. ha! Just kidding.

Lila’s new dances almost seem choreographed. They are so good. She’s growing so fast – but not growing any teeth. Seriously!!

She continues to go to daycare part time, especially now that her flu symptoms are gone, as well as Gymboree Play and Music. This is the place, although I didn’t take any photos of her playing that day.

I leave you with one of my absolute favorite photos of Lila Sophia. Can’t wait to spend a couple weeks with her!



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  1. That marshmallow suit video is hilarious! Hope you have fun on your trip- and hopefully LS likes the snow!

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