preggo diares: 16 week update

Four months in! And the “Bump” update has been the most exciting one yet. The baby can hear me! And she’s about to have a growth spurt. The coolest fact about the little avocado in my belly is that I’m about to feel her moving around. It might seem like gas or muscle spasms, but that’s still pretty neat!



Headaches still come and go, and I still try to take a nap when I can. Sleep has been a little frustrating [tossing and turning] so Daniel and Sandy surprised me with a pregnancy pillow! Best ever! The one Sandy gave me is a mini, perfect for travel, and the pillow from Daniel stays in my own bed. 🙂

I’ve continued devouring books left and right. It’s one of my favorite “symptoms” – haha! I finished The Testing trilogy, and am about to finish the Mortal Instruments series. All young adult novels that I checked out from the library. 🙂


Old Navy maternity dress  //  ModCloth cropped denim jacket

Surly-ramics ceramic bow necklace  //  similar sandals



My doctor appointment went great! I was in and out in about 30 minutes. Blood pressure was normal [always a bit higher in the office] and so was the urine sample I must now give every visit – routine protein and sugars check. I got more blood drawn to check baby’s spine, and also have to meet with another doctor in the coming weeks to for an anatomy ultrasound.

So this is new: I apparently need a Rhogam shot at week 28. My blood type is O-negative, which means that if the baby’s blood mixes with mine, my body will treat it like an allergic reaction and release antibodies against it. Not good. There is another Rhogam shot administered once the baby is born, but only if she is not O-negative. Not receiving the shot can also affect the likelihood of becoming pregnant again – not that there are any plans for that!



Usually you can catch me in elastic-waisted shorts and a baggy top. If I am going out somewhere I have about 4 maternity/loose dresses to choose from. My bump is small, but big enough to make my regular clothes uncomfortable, so I’m still figuring this all out. 🙂 Do you have any tips?




  1. Everyone is different with what they like, but there are kinds of pants that have a longer, lighter elastic part that goes all the way up. It’s hot, but it’s the most comfortable to me! (I’ll show you sometime.) I also love maxi skirts. They don’t really need to be maternity ones. I just bought a bunch of normal ones that are nice and stretchy and long. Um, and if you have thigh chafing, coconut oil. 😉

    • thanks! someone told me i might like the pants with the belly panel that goes all the way up. 🙂 and good to know about coconut oil! i almost had that experience the other day :-O

    • I feel like maxi skirts work way better on tall people. Maybe I should form over the money for alterations…

  2. Buy maternity leggings. Trust me on this… you’ll never want to give them up! And the belly panel pants are pretty great too when you really start to pop.

    • My mom bought me a pair early on but I wasn’t big enough yet. I’m sure they’ll fit great in another month or two!

  3. Being short sometimes those pants double as a bra lol.

    • Haha! My mom bought me a pair but it’s too hot! I def had to fold the top over ?

  4. I always steered away from maternity and just wore maxi/tunic dresses and loose fitting tops. I thought they were more flattering, and I hated wearing pants during my pregnancy b/c I hated the feeling of anything on my belly. I eventually caved and lived in maternity leggings my last trimester. 😉

    • I tried maxi dresses but bc of my height I end up looking like a chunky ball of boobs and belly. Haha! I think I’ll try leggings in the fall for sure!

  5. I know sounds weird but pijama dresses. Nightgowns. They come in the cutest colors now. I got a few at walmart, Old Navy, Gap and even TJMaxx and paired them with a cardigan or jacket and NO ONE ever knew!!! They are cotton so they aren’t hot. They come in the cutest colors and aren’t tight around, we’ll anywhere on the body. I even got a black one for going out to “nicer” places. But I agree, don’t spend too much money on maternity stuff. Try clothes that you actually like that just work around your belly so you can use them in the future. And….cocoa butter and coconut oil for itchy and stretchy skin!!! Everyone has their own thing they do, so just do what makes you feel good and your doctor allows. Take all advice with as a grain of salt! And enjoy it! I saw your mom and Sister and they are so excited!!

    • I’m trying not to buy too much maternity clothes, you’re right. I’ve been using cocoa butter! Will def be adding coconut oil in the mix 🙂

      • Your hair tends to dry out so I used it alot on my hair.

  6. You look great! Congrats on your little bundle of joy =)

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee

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