long distance gender reveal

My sister and cousin [Sandy, Ely] were the first to hear I was pregnant in late February via text.  They didn’t get the in-person surprise, so I decided to send them surprise gender reveal packages.

Because I found out the gender on a Friday and couldn’t get the packages ready until that night. My parents were going to help my sister move the next day while I was working, so they delivered a the shoebox pictured below. Ely was going to wait until Monday morning to receive her package in Miami. Oh, the crap she gave me! I ensured her it would be worth it.

I didn’t go overboard, but was definitely excited to throw them off for a few seconds. That evening I went to Michael’s and purchased blue tissue paper, and few solid colored t-shirts. On the way out of the shopping center I passed a Babies R Us, and decided to risk feeling overwhelmed on a second idea.


long distance gender reveal package


long distance gender reveal package



In each package I used blue tissue paper and attached a note with an appropriately sized outfit. I based the size on the first trip to Miami, and when my sister might be comfortable enough with the baby visiting. Also included was a screen printed shirt. I strategically packed Ely’s box…as you could tell. 🙂


i heart my niece screen printed t-shirt gender reveal


Vanessa of Ohh My Sweetness helped me with the family gender reveal below. She baked a beautiful little cake with an appropriately colored center and they got a kick out of it! I loved involving my whole family, and am grateful to my cousins for filming it all.



long distance gender reveal


I will keep watching these videos over and over in the years to come. And am especially excited to show them to my daughter one day. Saying that is so surreal. But so true. 🙂


p.s. Daniel’s gender reveal package also threw him off. 🙂



  1. We didn’t find out Jaxon was a boy until he arrived so we couldn’t do anything like this. If we have a second I’m in two minds whether to wait or not. If we find out it’ll be easier seeing things like what clothes can be used but also a surprise would be nice too. Dilemmas! How are you doing?

    • Haha! It is quite the decision. I’m such a planner I needed to know. 🙂 Good luck deciding! I’m feeling good! Got the sniffles lately and can’t take anything but I’ve been drinking some vitamin C to try to fend it off 🙂

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