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fall wedding outfit

Take me back to Wyoming, please. While Daniel and I were planning our stops in the west, I pouted because Yellowstone was too far. And near that on the map I saw “Big Sky.” Immediately I wished to return one day. Oh how I adored Big Sky, Montana.

So back to Wyoming! The weather was amazing. Who cares if it rained a bit? Fall was in the air, mornings and evenings were pretty dang chilly, and everything in between was extremely bearable. The day of my friend Terri’s wedding was particularly chilly and my legs were covered in bumps later. It was quite the adventure getting to the wedding.

Our hotel was a 5 minute walk to the shuttle that would take us to the wedding venue [the groom’s parents’ home]. Daniel, Ryan, Bobbiejean, and I made it with 10 minutes to spare and ordered a couple drinks at the hotel bar. We see the shuttle pull up [10 minutes early] and figure the driver will wait until our departure time, right? Wrong. Just as Ryan was running outside to let him know we were on our way [chug chug chug] he drove off! We waited to see if he would return…but after I googled that the destination was 20 minutes away and we had about 45 minutes until the ceremony, we got desperate.

The concierge called us a cab, but one of the bridesmaids said the shuttle was turning around. We canceled the cab and waited for about 10 minutes before we were told that they couldn’t reach the shuttle driver. So we called another cab. By now there were less than 30 minutes until the ceremony. I was kicking myself because it was almost a free ride! The cab wasn’t too much after we split it, and we arrived just as the ceremony was about to start.

We had an exciting evening and even went to the after party! As I was watching Daniel dance with Bobbiejean I leaned on a table to sip my water. This lady comes up to me and yells at me to get off her table. She had been at that table since 6pm [probably not something to brag about] and was swearing left and right. I don’t usually curse, but she caught me so off guard and was so confrontational that I swore back and possibly called her an old lady? Daniel pulled me away and Bobbiejean said she was glaring at me for a while. haha!

fall wedding outfit

FCUK dress  //  BlankNYC jacket  //  booties c/o Naturalizer  //  Coach clutch

The dress is my wedding uniform! The booties and jacket are new and I love them! I walked and danced all night in them. Cute and comfy for the win!

By the way, Naturalizer is having a sale until October 11th. Get 30% off when you use BFF2015 at check out. 🙂


fall wedding outfit
Daniel is styling his Smith’s Opticians prescription sunglasses, Jord watch, and Scatterbrain tie.
fall wedding outfit
fall wedding outfit
Do you have any wedding staples?



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