Christmas in July

My mom and I grabbed lunch with my sister the other day. Since she had to run off and yank teeth, we decided to take a stroll through “downtown” Galveston, AKA The Strand. Galveston, Texas is a smallish Texas tourist town on Galveston Island. I’ve been going on day trips since I was younger, but it’s nice to visit with a home base [Sandy’s place!].

We went into a couple shops – one being Strand Brass [Christmas on the Strand]. There were the most adorable little old-fashioned TVs that you could switch on. The figurines within would come to life – playing music and spinning around. There were many different shapes – and some were characters or other objects [like the snowman] rather than TVs. My mom was completely enthralled. She took photographs of each one to show her friends.

We were in search of coffee when we decided it was far too hot. Ice cream it is! Hey Mikey’s had the most interesting flavors: Ginger Honey, “Summertime,” Sweet Tea, and a few others. The decor was really fun! I especially liked the art. And that bench my mom is sitting on. 🙂 It got a bit crowded so we walked on. I devoured my Summertime scoop [blueberries, strawberries, and peaches].

My Jill-E bag has come in pretty handy this summer. It’s meant to be a camera bag – the perfect size for my GoPro and accessories. The front pocket fits my most handy camera of all – my phone. 🙂
Also? I am in love with my new hearts necklace. My friend Raya is so talented! Her paper creations never cease to amaze me.

LOFT denim top  //  Target denim  //  Vans [similar]  //  Jill-E bag  //  Tumbleweeds HC sunnies  //
JORD watch  //  Rocksbox necklace and ring  //  Little Ray of Sunflower hearts necklace  //  Bhldn earrings [similar]

What are your favorite summer accessories? Pretty sure those little hearts won’t be leaving my throat anytime soon!