Petmate’s Triple Cat Toy Giveaway!

My last post was dedicated to my canine companions, so today I’m showing Rory some love – and I’m so excited to share this giveaway with y’all! Rory has had these toys for a couple months, and I can tell you that she absolutely loves them! They are both sitting on the counter where she likes to lounge and, at least once a day, while we are home, I hear that little spiral ball rolling around. And she loves using the scratch pad on top.

The Go Fish toy is my favorite. I adore watching her fish out [I see what they did there…] her food or treats. Every morning I get my things ready for work, grab a couple Milkbones for the dogs, and a few treats to drop between the fish fins. I may or may not also do this when I am home so  I can watch her little paws weave in and out.

Go Fish Cat Toy

Jackson Galaxy Base Camp Hub

The “base camp” comes with a tunnel, too!

Jackson Galaxy Spiral Ball

Resting from all of the Jackson Galaxy action. ­čÖé

If you missed it above, here’s a Vine of Rory playing with the spiral ball, and here’s an IG video of the treat fishing. ­čÖé

Win your own toys [Spiral Ball, Go Fish, and Base Camp Hub with tunnel] for your kitty friends, as well as Jackson Galaxy’s Catification book. ­čÖé There are multiple ways to enter below. I will email the winner the following day. Thanks and good luck!


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  1. I HOPE I WIN!!!
    I went looking for some 'smart' toys at Petco last week after I saw your Fishy toy but didn't find much. I'll check out their website to see where I can buy one (if I don't win!)
    PS: we call that last picture 'laying chicken winged' ­čÖé

  2. Thanks for the opportunity to win these goodies ! Im currently not working and this would be amazing for my furry boy Kirby, I just dont have it in the budget to buy anything new at the moment … Anyways good luck to all

  3. My eight cuties would love these toys, especially the tunnel!

  4. My kitties would love to win! I have an old crappy tunnel that could really use some replacing…and some new toys that they don't sell in Canadian stores would be amazing, I'm running low on options, and I would like to find something that they won't just look at and walk away with ­čÖü …gotta love those silly kitties

  5. My two boys would love to have these new toys! They are keeping their paws crossed they win!

  6. My 4 babies would love these toys. They get cabin fever too and winter is right around the corner

  7. My 4 babies would love these toys. They get cabin fever too and winter is right around the corner

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