it’s the little [maybe expensive] things

This week has been a little bit crazy! Our dishwasher pretended to wash it’s very last dish a couple weeks ago. Daniel and I were waiting for that piece of crap to die so we could finally go buy a new one with our wedding gift cards. Yep! I hung on to those suckers for over a year.
I couldn’t make it home to meet the delivery guys on Friday and they couldn’t come back. I was 10 minutes late! It was the straw that broke this little camel’s back. What was wrong with me? I sobbed and sobbed because I missed my dishwasher. But that’s another story.
So we got the guys to come back a few days later [ugh!] and it was delivered. Now comes the installation dude – a totally separate guy. He came by close to 8pm and realized that our pipes are rusted over…two days later and about 6 hours of labor later, he completely under-charged us so we paid well over what he requested, and woohoo! Working dishwasher! Daniel and I even left some things kinda dirty…just to see what our sweet little baby could do!

A few months ago, Rory tipped over her water class…onto Daniel’s Macbook! I was the one home and saw it a minutes/seconds later. I can’t recall. :-/ I flipped the thing over as soon as I noticed it dripping. It lasted a while after…but would restart at random and eventually died. I have felt so guilty since! So I splurged tad. I didn’t go all out because that’s kind of a lot of money. BUT I did get him a new laptop. A pretty simple version of his deceased Macbook Pro. Rory drinks from the dog bowl now.
Daniel and I spent his birthday [mostly] together. We work in the same building, and seeing each other is always nice. Then we went on a “birthday date” and it was lovely. 🙂

Sam’s birthday is also celebrated on the 22nd of October because we aren’t sure when he was actually born. Daniel decided long ago, in college, that Sam’s birthday was on the same day. He got some extra loving, and a few treats, too. 🙂

p.s. speaking of animals…cat toy giveaway woohoo!


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