Danube Channel Street Art [part 2]

The Danube Channel that runs through Vienna is amazing. There is art covering almost every wall and bridge. Some of it is a jumble, and others are enormous detailed murals. I couldn’t capture too much on my regular camera because of how close up it all was, which is why I made this post with photos from my phone. 🙂
The art was on both sides. Daniel, my parents, and I walked up one side for almost an hour, and down the other side. That is just a fraction of the channel’s length! While we were on a bike tour a couple days later we quickly explored another section of the channel. Unfortunately I couldn’t stop to take photographs. I accepted that I should just enjoy the view through my own eyes. 🙂

That building in the top right lights up in the evening. I didn’t realize I captured it. 🙂 We could see it from our hotel room, too!
Afternoon Delight top via Urban Outfitters  //  Pants via Urban Outfitters  //  Ugg flats  //  Manic Trout bracelet  //  Tumbleweeds sunglasses

[[Vienna day one]]
[[Vienna 2010]]


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  1. Wow, I had no idea all this amazing art existed along the Danube Channel. Beautiful photos!

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