What I Wore – Backyard Bunnies

[[I mentioned [via Instagram] the other day that giving Rory some outdoor time is an almost daily routine. If I get home before Daniel, I let the dogs out and carry Rory outside. I just don’t trust her not to run off. :-/ In the photo above, something scared her and she tried jumping loose. You can tell by her ears. I’ve learned so much since adopting this little baby. She seemed to calm down a bit when I clutched her to my chest. I let her back inside shortly after, anyway. But isn’t she so cute?! Shortly after I put on a light jacket. It was getting chilly and I am not 100% yet.]]
I went digging through my closet and found this old bunny dress. Almost 2 years ago was the last time I wore it. Craziness! That was about-8-pounds-and-5-inches-of-hair-ago!
I gotta say, even though looking through old pictures is extremely slightly painful, I adore blogging. I am able to keep up with everything, especially when it comes to things I can’t remember. Books, for example. I almost always document what I am reading within these little virtual walls.
TARDIS bracelet: similar // TARDIS pen //  Michael Tatom Fox ring
Speaking of reading, I am currently reading/studying ProBlogger. For the teacher-student book club I am reading Will Grayson, will grayson, by John Green and David Levithan. I’ve read books by each individual author and my friend Paula [our school librarian] recommended this collaboration. I’m excited! Green wrote the odd numbered chapters and Levithan wrote the evens. Weird, eh? Within the first chapter they already mentioned one of my favorite bands….pretty much won me over!
Origami Owl locket necklace // Whovian Pin: Similar // Shoes: Shoemint
Socks and Dress: H&M  // ModCloth Denim jacket: similar  // Glasses: Bonlook

I am part of the Influenster network and recently received a Rimmel London #MoistureRenew lipstick to try. Usually I stay away from shades of pink [I’ve only worn red and nude – the two extremes!], but am definitely loving this lipstick! The biggest plus is it really does moisturize. Even my current favorites leave my mouth a little dry. Shhhh…don’t tell Daniel that I’m showing you what happened the night the makeup arrived…. 😉

[oops, got some lipstick on you there! :-*]
P.S. See more Doctor Who themed outfits here and here. My friend Melificent really knows her Whovian style as well! I WANT THE YELLOW DRESS.
P.P.S. Anyone else think of BTVS [Once More with Feeling] when they hear the word bunnies?? [“bunnies! bunnies! it must be bunniiiiiies!“]



  1. That is so cute you take your cat out of a regular basis. We do that with our cat sometimes when we are sitting outside for a while…he use to be more freaked out but not he relaxes and enjoys all the new smells.

  2. Rory is adorable. 🙂 I love that you are friends with the librarian. Ours at school call me a book "piggy" because I am always adding to the wish list. I sent them this book you recommended, too. Haha! And I wish I could still find a dress like that. Sooo cute!

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