Cutest Colorado

My friend Paula has family in Colorado. Because they are super awesome, Daniel and I are allowed to tag along. As I mentioned in the Winter Wonderland post, this is the 4th time they’ve let us visit. 🙂
Our hosts are great, and their children are so much fun! Because E wasn’t feeling well, I mostly hung out with L. He’s pretty dang adorable.

E, left, L, right.
I had a Moscow Mule for the first time at Deno’s. It was pretty good, and I’m not usually a fan of ginger.
Playing in the snow is such a ridiculous treat. Once a year I am able to roll around in something I’ve only experienced a handful of times my whole life. And after seeing the effects of the polar vortex – but the beauty of it, too, I was definitely longing for the snow. 🙂
I am in love with my luggage tags. I mentioned them before, but just had to get another shot [I mean hello, foxes with laser beams!]. 🙂
They are incredibly sturdy, thick plastic. You just write on the back with a sharpie. Check out 11:11 for more options, and more cool travel accessories!
Welp, that’s the last Colorado post! We return to our regularly scheduled programming on Monday.
Have a rad weekend!
Let’s be pals!! All over! 🙂