Pumpkinator 2013

Around these parts, Pumpkinator is kind of a big deal. It’s made by Saint Arnold Brewing Company – a local Houston brewery. They have pretty rad tours and lunches, too.

The folks over at Saint Arnold put out a single batch of Pumpkinator each year….and that’s it. Bars run out quickly, grocery stores run out even faster.

I finally got my hands on the last two bottles [at a particular Spec’s Liquor Store] after many, many phone calls on day two of it’s 2013 release. I only drank half, gave the other half to Daniel, and am saving bottle #2 for a special occasion. Maybe Daniel’s birthday next week?

Below is my opinion. Nothing fancy…just me…ranting for a couple minutes. And possibly feeling the effects. hahaha 🙂

Turn your volume down!

Here’s a little bit of interesting “history & trivia” [lifted straight off the website!]:
Debuted October 2011.

–>In the time it took to make the 154 bbls of Pumpkinator wort in our brewhouse, we could have made 1275 bbls of Elissa wort.

–>The amount of malt it took to make 154 bbls of Pumpkinator wort would have made 1514 bbl of Lawnmower wort.

–>During the time in the fermenter it took to age the 154 bbls of Pumpkinator, we could have made 1027 bbls of Amber Ale.

–>With the amount of pumpkin used to make Pumpkinator, we could have baked 437 pumpkin pies.




  1. While Germany has amazing beer, they all look at me like I'm absolutely nuts when I talk about how much I miss pumpkin beer from the US. It's just not a thing here, and they don't realize how badly they're missing out!

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