Rory Falkor

I’ve been blowing up the Instagrams with photos of this little pumpkin.
Meet Rory Falkor. 
She’s the newest addition to our little family.
Likes: Rugs, kitty cat toys, her own tail, computer cursor.
Dislikes: Dogs [but she’s warming up to them], belly rubs that last longer than 7 seconds, when momma wipes her snot.
Daniel’s office/loft is Rory’s new home.
Here is a short vlog, featuring Rory’s cinematic debut, and the origin of her name. As well as my thoughts on a popular TV series. 🙂

Rory Falkor from roxy rodriguez on Vimeo.


p.s. don’t forget about the kitchen aid mixer giveaway!



  1. She's so cute :3 I love kittens but god, they play super rough!
    My cat was really strong and wild when I got her, she could fit in my hand, but her size didn't matter she was super brave and wanted to eat and scratch and play with everything…I can't wait to see more post about Rory!

  2. I love this little girl! Need to come over soon to get in some play time while she's still so small 🙂

  3. She is so freakin cute! I love watching kittens play!
    My cats are still scared of my puppy, but since Rory is young, she'll probably adjust easier. Congrats on the new kitty!! 🙂

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