wild ones

Bonnie and Gabe of Two Birds Photography decided to go on a very whimsical journey through Daniel’s mind. So far it has led us to a Hindu Temple and the Wild Burro Protection League.
And soon we will end up in a scene straight out of Back to the Future. šŸ™‚
Sunday’s shoot location was at the aforementioned donkey rescue – of which I posted plenty of photographs on Instagram.
I didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t sleep well, my leg hurt from derby – I woke up in a funk. To make things worse, I forgot my camera. šŸ™
It was a very rough morning, indeed.
After an hour and a half of driving, we made it to the farm, and everything changed. Marjorie introduced Daniel, Bonnie, Gabe, their little Jones, and myself to so many animals, who were all so sweet. I forgot all about my icky mood while Marjorie carted us around, telling us all about each animal and where they came from [or were found].
And Bonnie was nice enough to send me these photos for me to use!
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 This little baby, Raven, was born a few hours before we arrived. Amazing, right?
A couple derby friends directed us to the rescue organization when I
asked about a donkey. I am so grateful. Have you ever given
donkeys a second thought?
Here are some facts I picked up:
Horses’ ears are itty bitty compared to a donkeys’/mules’. And other than that, you can barely tell some mules apart from horses. [unless you work with them, of course. :)]
Some donkeys are as big as horses! They’re called Mammoths.
Boys are Jacks and girls are Jennies.
Donkeys are like dogs. Some of them love cuddling and being pet, and others just want the carrots and ginger snaps. [their fave!]
The donkeys will lick the barbed wire to get every bit of flavor from those ginger snaps. It’s adorable!

Thanks again to Bonnie and Gabe for these photographs! I can’t wait to see the ones they use [and the footage!].
And a HUGE thanks goes out to the Wild Burro Protection League. They were so generous to have us, and Marjorie was perfect.
Such kind people in the world.



  1. I almost teared up. Jacks and Jennies. And the baby just born…

    But what??? with the last pic…

  2. I'm loving all the preview photos and can't wait to see the finals! You guys are the cutest. Well, you guys and also Bonnie and Gabe. And Jones. šŸ™‚

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