I don’t normally read multiple books at once, but currently, that is the case. I started reading Breed by Chase Novak on my friend’s Kindle and forgot it one day…so I started reading Every Day by David Levithan.
Every Day is a really cool idea. This person, “A,” wakes up in a different body daily. Which is fine…until someone discovers what has happened to their body. dun dun dun! 🙂
Breed is creeptastic. For me it was slow to start, but seriously has me on the edge of my seat! This couple can’t get pregnant no matter how hard they try…so they visit a special “doctor.” And then there are the side effects… I wouldn’t call this book “horror” because it’s pretty tame in regards to the descriptions. Definitely scary, though.
In my possession and waiting to be read:
I posted about two other books [prequels] by the same author a little over a year ago. Graceling was my favorite! Fire was pretty good, too. Since Bitterblue is a sequel to Graceling, I am especially ready to crack it open!
As mentioned above, I posted about a bunch of dystopian novels. Divergent was one of them. This is the sequel, Insurgent, that a friend is letting me borrow. Divergent has been compared to Hunger Games – I don’t know if I’d go that far, but I definitely had a hard time putting it down! Now for the sequel!
And last but not least! In the same post I have mentioned twice, and now thrice, I wrote about Ashes. SCORE. The sequel is out: Shadows. Ashes seriously left me with my jaw hanging. Another dystopian love. Now that Shadows is available I am hoping for the same reaction. Um, also? Note where it says “trilogy” – yay!
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I am always always welcome to suggestions! I have a list going based on previous posts in regards to y’alls suggestions!
[such as the uglies, girl w/ the dragon tattoo, etc!]



  1. Fun reading suggestions! I'm in the middle of like 8 books. Which is why I never finish anything. 🙂

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