Paris day trip – Belgium

Day trip to Brugge, Belgium.
 The Brugge that we got to know was a touristy little town.  It’s known as the “Venice of the North.”
Things it was famous for – lace. Not anymore.
Things it is currently famous for? Chocolate, beer, and mussels.
Tried mussels for the first time…not impressed. But I am sure they were delicious…haha
We took a bus, and it was a pretty relaxing ride.
Oh, the country side!
My secret wish one day.


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  1. I love these photos, looks like a gorgeous place to visit! I especially love the swans and that amazing flower and whatever those caramel lookin things are look so yummy my mouth is almost watering.


  2. We went to Brugge for a couple of days after Paris and it was such a nice, relaxing little place. The architecture was amazing! There were a few lace shops when we went, but mostly chocolate places. Also, the beer there is crazy strong :). Love your pics – takes me back!

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