Paris – Notre Dame and Lovers’ Bridge

This day was one of my favorites. Any interaction with animals is pretty much a win in my book.
The Lover’s Bridge was also a spectacular sight for me. I was walking and crouching and taking millions of photos. My mom finally said it was time to go.
I was actually at one of the less crowded wall of padlocks here.
Random photos of fruit.
Every evening, as my mom, sister, and I were walking back to our hotel,
the fruit stands displayed beautiful fresh fruit. I’m not sure what kind
of berry that is on the left, by my only regret is not trying them.
Any ideas?

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  1. Oh my goodness the birds, I would have peed my pants with delight! I love these pics, those berries looks delicious, I wonder what the left ones are, almost look like grapes or cherries! Maybe they are chapes, or gerries.


  2. Those berries are totalllyyyyy red currants, and oh my goodness they are sooo delicious! nom! haha such cute pics, I totally agree and kind of animal time is a definite yes!

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