Champagne, France

I hope you aren’t getting too tired of these photos. Today’s shots were taken in Champagne, France. If you are ever in Paris, France [or nearby], consider taking a day trip to Champagne.
 Breakfast on the road, courtesy of our guide. 🙂
Coffee and juice included as well. Very traditional.
 Beautiful landscapes.
 My mom found a bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne at the airport, so we brought it home to my dad.
 The private winery tour. 🙂
 I believe we tried 5 or 6 different kinds of champagne. Giggles most definitely ensued.
 Madame Godmé.
 The larger winery. This was just a tiny part of it, too.
It was pretty awesome to see the difference between the family cellar and the more corporate one.
 After a few glasses, Sandy and I got pretty silly.
I spent the day with 6 other people – a small and intimate tour. Our guide took us to a smaller winery for a tasting, lunch, then a larger winery, and a cathedral in Reims. It was an incredible day spent with very lovely people.


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  1. Love these posts! They make me ache for travel. Great photos too (of course) and glad you have the silly ones, even in your lovely dress.

  2. Loving those landscapes and that photo of all the candles is so pretty and romantic. Also your nail colors are so lovely!!!


  3. These photos are making me wanna go to France so badly, my boyfriend is French and we've been talking about going together for months but keep putting it off. I've never been, which is ridiculous considering how close it is! Looks like so much fun xo

  4. wow what beautiful photos!! Sounds like it was a fantastic trip. I too am aching to travel, especially after seeing the beautiful photography! thanks a lot:) haha

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