Passing through Austin?

I have a couple traditions when I visit Austin. One involves Kerbey Lane and my Austin BFF, Weezy.
The second involves everything in this post, and my pal Renee.

Meal time: Vegetarian or not – stop at Veggie Heaven! I will be honest with you, I have only ever eaten one thing: Protein 2000. It’s made from soy protein – and is crazy delicious! If it wasn’t so chewy, you’d probably inhale it and then choke. So perhaps the texture is a preventative measure? 🙂
And dumping it all onto the a of rice is awesome. There is definitely enough sauce for broccoli dipping, as well. NOM.
I can’t believe I never ate here while I lived in Austin. It is SO close to campus! Alas, I ate meat back then and shunned anything “veggie.”

Somewhere I did frequent?
Momoko! I would always order Taro Root “Bubble” Tea because I loved the cookies&cream flavor – but thanks to Renee, I know better. 🙂 Kogepan is my new favorite tea. I think it’s the nutmeg. I also request tapioca and pudding. The nutmeg sticks to the pudding, making it…just…NOM.
The employees take their time making the perfect drink, and while you wait, there are loads of cute things to look at [and buy!].
I love me some roadtrips. What are some suggestions you have for yummy things near you?



  1. omg, that bubble tea looks so delicious!! i haven't had bubble tea in so long… cookies and cream sounds like it would be amazing 🙂

  2. OK, I know this post isn't about what you're wearing but let me take a sec and say that you look absolutely freaking adorable and I want to figure out how to properly emulate this outfit. I have a (very) hard time figuring out proportions to wear a dress, cropped leggings, and flats without sectioning off my already short body. But you, you look fabulous!!!

  3. I've never had bubble tea with pudding in it! I feel so cheated! You're adorable and that looks freaking delicious.

  4. Just did a search for Momoko and found your post. My favorite has always been Kogepan, too! Just never had it with pudding before, I will definitely try the next time I'm in Austin!!

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