vienna [travel blog insert]

I had originally published this entry on a travel blog I tried to start. I have moved it to my main blog. 🙂
alright! time for a vienna update. from july 7th – the night of the
8th Daniel and I were in Vienna, Austria.  Let me tell you that after
the fiasco that was Rome, Italy, Vienna was like a giant hug!
train ride was pretty cool. We had 3 beds, so we used one for storage.
They gave us snacks like fruit and chocolate biscuits, along with
European soda – ew!!! so gross! Even Daniel spit it out – haha
the beautiful country side go by was amazing, though.  I didn’t sleep
too well because my neck was at its worst from spraining it the previous
morning – but it was a fun experience nonetheless.
As soon as we
stepped off the train we were greeted by a cool cool breeze.  Daniel
asked our “steward” where the exit was and he pointed up at a sign and
says, “Here, we have signs for everything.”  How wonderful!! Somebody
should let Italy in on that little secret 🙂 haha
So we followed
brilliant signs to the metro and rode it into the city.  On the way, an
Austrian woman tells me she really likes my duffle bag [my sister lent
me a duffle bag covered in photographs of us and our cousins].  I, of
course, had no idea she was talking to me [being in German and all], so
Daniel replied.  They got to talking and she started singing a song with
some lines like “Texas not taxi!” and invited us to stay in her private
apartment.  haha Most exciting subway ride yet!
After walking
around Vienna a bit [we got off at the wrong stop] and me repeating,
“Can we live here???” about 20 times, we made it to our hotel!  As
usual, stored our things there and were off on a Viennese adventure!

Daniel and I at the MQ cafe.  RIP giant hat.  Daniel subconsciously left you on the train!

and I stayed in the “Museum Quarter,” so that was the first thing we
did.  Before entering any of the museums, I needed some coffee!  So we
went to the MQ cafe and I had a “melange,” which is the traditional
coffee of the Viennese.  It is incredibly tasty, especially if you like
cafe con leche or cappucinos – which I do!

visited two architecture museums, the museum of modern art, and the
leopold museum.  They were all very fun, but I think I was museumed out
after that!  So we went to check in at our hotel.  The room was so big!
 Even though we didn’t have any air conditioning, the weather was
amazing, so we didn’t need any!  I didn’t sweat a drop on the first day,
and even needed my hoodie later that night.

After settling into the hotel, Daniel and I strolled over to the Plutzer Brau for dinner.

read about it in the top ten Vienna book he purchased in Rome.  After a
funny episode of trying to read the German menu, that even Daniel had a
bit of trouble with [the dishes, not the german], and a lot of
questions like “what’s this?” – the waiter asks if we’d like the English
menus – yes please!
Daniel ordered a meat plate [Miaker Goulash]
that was so good he made sure to take his time eating it.  Me, on the
other hand, devoured my salmon dish like I hadn’t eaten in a week.  VERY
good food 🙂
I had another melange as well, and Daniel and I both had amazing desserts!

got to talking to one of the waiters and apparently they were pulling a
TV out for the Germany/Spain game that evening.  So we reserved a table
and came back three hours later!
Until the game, Daniel and I
found the shopping street, and I found the H&M!  After seeing
girls carrying H&M bags around in Rome and never finding the
place, I went crazy. haha There isn’t an H&M anywhere near me in
the states!
Oddly enough, I couldn’t find much that suited me,
but Daniel bought a mini wardrobe for work! I also found some cute stuff
for his nephew.
Our second day in Vienna was a tad more
stressful.  We grabbed some breakfast and Daniel pulled out a list of
things he wanted to see.  Too bad the list was so incredibly long that I
became incredibly crabby after not too long!  So we slowed down the
pace and enjoyed more.  We visited a plethora of monuments [Wolfgang
Amadeus Mozart, Johann Strauss, Franz Schubert] and many buildings [the
Belvedere Mansion, Liberation Monument, Mozart house, Mozart museum,
Freud park, and the Freud museum.  In between all of the walking Daniel
and I ate at the Indian Pavilion – also a top ten Vienna book choice!
 It was super yum 🙂

Things I have concluded about Vienna:
The street performers are quite exceptional!
The climate in Vienna is amazing!
There aren’t many homeless folk, but some seems to be selling magazines, or papers.
of all ages hang out in public area, like the museum quarter, or parks
[which there are so many of!] – having picnics, laying in the
grass…it’s all so relaxed! 🙂

People are FRIENDLY 😀
The subway is very user friendly, also!
Almost everyone speaks English. [I did learn a bit of German from Daniel!]
Dogs are very well trained!
There are walking lanes and biking lanes, AND a crossing light for each!

night of the 8th Daniel and I boarded a German train and left for
Milan.  The trip to Milan was grand!  Our room on the train had a window
that opened up, and for the first couple hours Daniel and I hung our
heads out the window and stared at the gorgeous fields, little towns,
and their beautiful homes.